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About Me

I am Akshay and I am a Digital Marketing Executive. I call myself Internet Entrepreneur and i am very passionate about Blogging. Here, as an Admin of New India Venture i publish regular Articles on Career planning and Job opportunities in various growing sectors of the country.

Apart from that, I have done Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics & Communication Department and i have completed my graduation in the year 2013.

After that i could not able to find my way in the field of Engineering and decided to take an MBA program after completion of my Bachelor Degree and joined TIME institute for getting admission in a good Management College in the field of Marketing.

But meanwhile,i had some serious issues in my family and also suffered some financial issues as well due to which i couldn’t able to complete my coaching completely and thus not got the best MBA college.

I started working in my own Book Shop where i took the responsibility of Accounting, Banking and Financial works of the Shop and there i learned some practical stuff of Management that helps me a lot in terms of my confidence level.

After that i got the job in Integrated Border Check Post where a worked as a System Engineer in Information & technology department and working on my technical field professionally i have now both technical and management knowledge.

The Awesome thing in my Career Journey is When..

During working on my book shop i took an Advance Digital Marketing Professional Course Online from Delhi School of Internet Marketing and from that knowledge i have started this Blog for you where i will give you those information which i have Experienced in my Struggle while making my Career path, i lost many time on it but manage to regained it at the end.


You will truly gain tons of information and knowledge about career and job opportunities and also get guidance on Competition exam preparation and Job Interview tips.


New India Ventures provides you all the relevant information on Career Planning, Important guidelines on competition exams preparation, Important job Interview Tips, Book Reviews based on Education and self-help and other career and jobs options available in the various growing sector of the country.

1) Daily Career Capsules

This will include all the career options which is growing tremendously and the scope of a fine future is very much on the hands of the youngsters.

They can choose in any of the career options provided in this section according to their interests and find way to their excellent future in these growing industries in terms of money and satisfaction.

2) Competition Exam Preparation

Guidance on the Entrance exam and all other entry level exam preparation is provided in this section such as Civil Services Exam, International entry level exams and others.

3) Job Opportunities

The demand for the youngsters in the newly set-up industry is growing day by day in the country. Here you can take information about these growing sectors and explore your creativity to build an excellent career in these industries.

4) Interview Guidance

The guidance on Interview preparation, Personality Development, Group Discussion and other important tips has been shared in this section.


Our vision behind setting up this blog is to provide latest and regular updates on various career and jobs options available for the youth of the country.

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