How to Become an Air Hostess 2017?

By | June 11, 2017
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How to Become an Air Hostess 2017

Today we will discuss “How to become an Air Hostess 2017″ and making a beautiful career in this highly attractive field especially for females.

It is the field with comparatively less competition and with more fame, name, and money in it as compared to others. Today Air Hostess are seen with due respect all over the world. Air Hostesses have signed on a contract basis with high salaries and are high-quality services.

For an ambitious girl, this field is no less than a boon. During their work, they get a chance to meet those personalities for whom, just for their glimpse, the general public goes crazy.

Air Hostess travels the world. They exchange views with thousands of people.


Let us discuss How to become an Air Hostess 2017


Skills or Quality required for becoming an Air Hostess

How to become an Air hostess 2017

How to become an Air Hostess 2017

Girls interested in becoming Air hostess should possess following Quality:

  • Overall beautiful look
  • Effective personality
  • Good Behavior
  • Graduate
  • Quick decision maker
  • Good command over the English Language

Apart from this, those girls who know any other language apart from English have given preference while selection.

Girls well versed with languages like German, French, Latin, Urdu etc are comparatively more successful. Those girls who are trained in Hotel Management along with above-mentioned qualifications have given preference by that Selection Commission.


Exam conducted for becoming an Air Hostess

One formal exam is organized to become an Air Hostess. This exam which is in English Language examining General Knowledge, information regarding medicines, home science, group behavior, language voice etc of the candidates.

Girls who clear their written exam were sent for medical examination, after which they appear in an interview. Those girls who clear their interview become Air Hostess. There is no need to take training in advance for becoming Air Hostess. After selection, a proper training is given by the concerned Airlines.


Qualification required to become an Air Hostess

“AIR INDIA and INDIAN AIRLINES” which are affiliated to national services provide training to select girls of the age group of 18-21 after their intermediate.


Eligibility-      Graduate or 12th pass

Age limit–        17-25 years

Height–              Minimum 155cm for girls, 164cm for boys

General rule–  Fair complexioned and unmarried


Interview process to become an Air Hostess

Those women who clear their written exams have to go through an interview.

During the interview general knowledge, IQ and intelligence are been examined. Most of the questions are of psychology, answers to which should be given with due diligence.

To become an Air Hostess, it is necessary to clear the written examination. Besides that, they should have knowledge of the geographical condition of both its own country as well as of the foreign countries. She should also know the art of writing letters in different important occasions.(Career- A Turning Point Point/Pushpendra Kumar/Pg 96)

During the Interview, they have demonstrated both their psychological and mental growth. Selected girls are sent to Mumbai, where Air India provides training in their training centers. Training centers of Indian Airlines are in Hyderabad.

During training, the girls are taught about the technical safety and personal abilities. They were also taught about the importance of first aid, medicine, a way of talking, smiling, welcome and discipline etc.


Training process to become an Air Hostess

How to become an Air hostess 2017

How to become an Air Hostess 2017


Training Course offered by the institutes in various Air Hostess subjects

Various Institutes in India which provide training courses in the following subjects:

  • Aviation Management
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Airport Management
  • Computerized ticket reservation system
  • Money changing
  • Car rental
  • Passenger Insurance
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Ground landing
  • Flight dispatch
  • In-flight management
  • Hospitality and catering etc


The training course also available for other non-academic skills:

  • Grooming and Personality development
  • Effective communication Announcement
  • Security awareness
  • First Aid
  • Swimming


 Training or course fee for Air Hostess Institutes

A standard course fee for any Air hostess training institutes is around Rs 80,000 which should be pay in the two installment in most of the institutes.

A six-month training course requires  Rs 40,000 at the time of admission and after three months the full course fee should be paid in the form of the second installment of Rs 40,000.


Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes in India

How to become an Air hostess 2017

How to become an Air Hostess 2017

  1. Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Bangalore
  2. Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Chandigarh
  3. Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Delhi
  4. Air Hostess Academy, (AHA), Mumbai
  5. Air Hostess Academy, (AHA), Pune
  6. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai
  7. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi
  8. Kingfisher Training Academy, Mumbai
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  10. Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai



Air Hostess Salary

How to become an Air hostess 2017

How to become an Air Hostess 2017

The average starting salary of an Air Hostess ranges between 60 k to 1lakhs in International Aviation and 25 k to 40K in the domestic sphere.

Air Hostess salary increases in accordance with experience, presentable appearance, Communication, positive attitude etc.

Starting salary of an Air Hostess in different Airline Authorities of India:

         Airline Authority                                           Starting salary

  • Spicejet                                                                  Rs 35,500
  • Air India                                                                Rs 42,750
  • Vistara Airlines                                                    Rs 30,050
  • Air Indigo                                                              Rs 33,750
  • Jet Airways                                                           Rs 36,455
  • Go Air                                                                    Rs 31,175
  • Jagson Airlines                                                    Rs 28,450


The Air hostess job and its starting salary are categorized as:

How to become an Air hostess 2017

How to become an Air Hostess 2017

Air Hostess Job categories                                    Starting salary

  • Flight Attendant                                       Rs 4,80,000 to Rs 6,75,000
  • Senior Air Hostess                                   Rs 5,50,000 to Rs 8,25,000
  • Ground Attendant                                    Rs 5,04,000 to Rs 7,35,000
  • Cabin crew                                                 Rs 5,04,000 to Rs 7,02,000
  • Customer Service Agent                         Rs 3,60,000 to Rs 4,32,000



I think you may have now clear on how to become an Air Hostess 2017 by getting through this ArticleThere are very good prospects of Air Hostess as a career in coming future. Advertisements and information related to Air Hostess recruitment are published in English newspapers from time to time.


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