8 Best performance Appraisal Meeting Methods

By | May 5, 2017

Best Performance Appraisal Meeting Methods

The topic we will going to discuss in this article is “Best performance appraisal meeting methods” which is very effective when you are preparing for objective discussion with your manager or seniors for boosting your strong relationship with the manager and thus achieving your organizational goals.


best performance appraisal meeting methods

best performance appraisal meeting methods

We are normally engaged in daily onslaught of emails, phone calls, tools, measurement mechanism. Despite all these methods.

Appraisal meeting is still one of the most effective ways to exchange information, get and take feedback plan, collaborate and a fantastic way for the important discussion on various issues related to completion of the objective of the company and performing different tasks which results in wellbeing of the organization and for best possible outcomes for both employee and the manager.

Why is Appraisal meeting important for any Enterprise?

best performance appraisal meeting methods

best performance appraisal meeting methods


We all are well aware of the fact that how the people plays a crucial and very important role in any organization.

Hence Appraisal meeting is very essential for two-way communication between the manager and the employee to examine the objective of the work which needs to be done in the specific period of time.

Keeping in mind all these factors, we are going to share with you the 8 best performance appraisal meeting methods which help you in improving your communications with your team leader which ultimately results in a high growth of the venture by encouraging the people in achieving the main objective of the enterprise.


Here are the 8 best performance Appraisal meeting methods:


best performance appraisal meeting methods

best performance appraisal meeting methods


1) Make plan for gathering fundamental Information

In most of the Appraisal meetings it is necessary to work on gathering the foundational information and for that, it is necessary to do some research on reviewing

  • Job description
  • Final goals
  • Competencies
  • Development plans


2) Gauge your previous performance report

a) You should look once on your past notes and make a review of it from the journals of your past performance cycle.

b) Look for a trend or recurring themes that makes you feel enjoyable and which involves tasks like challenging people, Improving strengths, knowledge, and skills and in which the scope of development is required in such projects.

c) Identifying all the details of the project you selected, it is although very beneficial and result oriented for both employee and the team leader. It also helps you to get a broader, more objective view of your performance over the entire period of time and helps to be saved from being biased by recent performance in any events.


3) Prepare a list of your achievements

It is beneficial to make a list of your achieved target which has been assigned to you.

It is although fine to show off your performance a bit in front of your manager. It will probably not make any difference in your strong relationship and already created trust in the eye of your manager when you successfully accomplished all the assigned targets of your project as your manager may not be aware of all the great tasks you have performed during the accomplishment of the project in which every small thing is included which is executed by you and that would really add some value to your performance and made a difference.


4) Self- Evaluate yourself:


best performance appraisal meeting methods

best performance appraisal meeting methods


a) Ideally, use the same performance appraisal form which shall be utilized by your appraiser.

b) Rate your each performance with full honesty while going through each competency and listed goals.

c) The rating should not be your goal when you engaged in self-evaluation exercise. Your goal should be only sharing perceptions of your performance with your leader before your appraisal meeting.

d) This will only be the best performance appraisal meeting method which clearly defines your real performance within yourself.

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5) Make a list of Areas of Improvements:


best performance appraisal meeting methods

best performance appraisal meeting methods

After reviewing the following tasks

  • Job description
  • Competencies
  • Goals
  • Performance journal Notes
  • Preparing list of achievements

You should make a list of the areas which needs improvements and development.

Also, determine the areas which help you in increasing your knowledge, skills, expertise which finally helps you in your career growth and progression.


6) Make plan for achieving Smart goals which are the best performance appraisal meeting method for the upcoming period

You should take a proactive action in making and achieving some Smart goals which result in career growth. The smart goals should be:

  • Most specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-oriented


7) Share your preparation with your team leader

You should share your all the preparation you have done for the appraisal meeting to your manager before your performance appraisal meeting.

This will help them prepare for the meeting more effectively and encourage a more meaningful two-way dialogue.

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8) Engage with team leader with an open mind

a) Do not get involved mostly in small conversation or pleasantries. It is easy to get started in a polite conversation basis your friendly approach. This is not the correct time for that.

b) Focus only on the topic of discussion. Until your manager gives you the permission to talk on some different subjects, you should not jump into a different conversation. Expression of feedback must be constructive nor destructive.

c) Be focus on the objective of the discussion and keep your emotions out of the conversation.

d) Let the manager talk and don’t talk over them or finish their sentence or cut them off. That is simply not the best performance appraisal meeting method.

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One of the ‘best performance appraisal meeting methods’ is that when the people are involved in its accomplishment, implementation, and effectiveness which is truly beneficial for both the employees and the manager.


Please share your views in the comment section below, if the article is beneficial for you and let us know about the area of improvement of the services.



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