Top 7 Skills getting Success in Group Discussion

By | April 18, 2017
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Top 7 skills getting success in Group discussion

We will discuss top 7 skills getting success in Group Discussion. Once you are aware of the ‘Myths’ regarding  Group discussions, the next important thing is to get aware of the essential skills requirement for a success in group discussion.

Here are the top 7 skills getting success in Group discussion:



skills getting success in group dicussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) This is the most important skills to get success in group discussion. The group discussion actually assesses the personality traits of an individual and the important aspects that are assessed are the intellectual qualities, dynamic qualities, the social attributes and the power to motivate and influence others to participate.

b) A candidate needs an in-depth knowledge about the concerned topics in order to become successful on all these fronts. IN this particular case, the knowledge has to be extensive and one cannot limit oneself. For example, a candidate cannot say that since he is from the commerce background, hence he cannot say anything on the topic WTO.

c) So you are supposed to be a “Jack of all trades” and today, such people are more successful than those who have command on only a particular subject. If there is a lack of knowledge, then one cannot speak fluently, the candidate will tend to waffle and talk about irrelevant things which ultimately amounts to beating about the bush.

d) Talking trash is worse than remaining silent, because the candidate does not exhibit his foolishness, and in group discussion, it is treated quite a negative trait. A candidate who knows the topic will be able to speak with authority, confidence, and interest that can inspire others to speak and be motivated.

e) As mentioned earlier, knowledge is priceless and is the source of self-confidence. The ability to acquire knowledge depends upon the individual’s likeness and grasp which can be practiced and the knowledge increases with experience.

f) At the same time, the knowledge should be utilized to find solutions to the problems. So, candidates appearing for group discussions for admission to the institute of management, joining the armed forces and even for getting jobs should be well read and well informed.

g) If you go through the model group discussions, you will find that despite the fact whether the candidate spoke in the beginning or at the end, invariably the candidate with “sound knowledge” has always been selected.



skills getting success in group dicussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) It is to be remembered that listening inculcates more knowledge than talking. It is not always possible that you happen to know about every subject, but if you keep your ears open, you can start getting an idea of the topic and then form a small concept that can be verbally delivered.

b) In a way, even without proper knowledge, one can definitely succeed in a group discussion, provided that he has developed the art of skillful listening. Skillful or active listening is an art which calls for active participation. That means when one candidate is speaking, he should be encouraged to speak, rather than stopping him rudely.

c) Moreover, one can always improve the listening skills by way of “Convenient Listening”. For instance, when a government is being criticized for any action, most of the people usually talk nonsense and start castigating the politicians rather than criticizing and try to hear the correct criticisms, which is going to help him in the long run.

d) During the study of “model group discussions”, the readers will come to know that the well-informed candidates were allowed to speak the most in order to get the idea.



skills getting success in group discussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) Having knowledge is definitely most beneficial, but if the topic is not presented well, then the positive impact of the knowledge is lost and sometimes it can be quite debilitating. One should always try to fine tune whatever one has learned and should not become laidback until he is satisfied with himself.

b) Many a time, candidates, in spite of their complete command on the subject, fail to impress the coordinator due to lack of proper presentation. A presentation should have a decent beginning and a logical conclusion.

c) Sometimes, it so happens that in order to exhibit the knowledge, the candidate goes overboard with his enthusiasm on the topic and end up is a confused manner. The “model group discussions” have given an idea of how to begin a topic and conclude it logically or even in some cases in an interactive way like concluding with a question.

d) In this way, the candidate is motivating the others to participate. A word of caution: the presentation should be quite informal, which makes the other candidates listen to you. A formal presentation would look more like a lecture rather than a group discussion. The good presentation also makes up for the partial lack of knowledge.




skills getting success in group discussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) While going for the “model group discussion”, the reader will find that the speaker who initiates the discussion is mostly selected; but the selection is due to his knowledge and control over the topic given. Do not be under the illusion that if you initiate, you will automatically be selected or that it reflects your leadership qualities.

b) The candidate should initiate only when he is quite acquainted with the topic, he should try to listen to others and then speak at no 3 or no 4 or a subsequent position.

c) Once the candidate initiates he should “define” the topic before giving his opinion. For instance, in the model group discussion, there is a topic on “Surrogate Advertisement”, in this, it is important to define and explain:

d) Surrogate Advertising”, before you start airing your opinion. As a matter of fact, the work of an initiator is comparatively easy because even if he defines and explains the topic, he has consumed his time limit of 1 to 2 minutes which is usually the time prescribed for each candidate.

e) Initiating a topic definitely has an advantage as it gives you more leeway than the remaining participants, but then initiating a group discussion is more related to your knowledge about the topic.



skills getting success in group discussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) It plays a vital role in your selection. In other words, this is a non-verbal behavior and it transmits the signals about an individual’s frame of mind. The facial expressions and the body gestures communicate more than the spoken words.

b) Facial expressions, eye contact, sitting posture and the tone of voice indicate the amount of interest a person has and also indicates his feelings. In a group discussion, the coordinator is watching you and your body language conveys him the idea about your feelings.  So it is very important to maintain an eye-contact with the person who is speaking on the subject.

c) A slight smile while airing your views, even if you are on the topic, can help you in creating a friendly ambiance and at the same time agreeing other participants to your views without being hostile.

d) Similarly while speaking, the tone of voice should match the intensity of which you are speaking and this will have a positive impact on the listeners. However, failure to manipulate your voice according to the intensity will make your presentation fall flat.

e) The selection of right words plays a pivotal role in keeping you ahead of your competitors. While making the presentation, the eyes should move to all the participants, thereby making you participative, without using any deliberate attempt.



skills getting success in group discussion

skills getting success in group discussion

Communication is a two-way process in which there are sender and a receiver and when the message sent by the sender is received by the receiver, in a way in which it was intended to be received; and the receiver sends a message to the sender, the process of communication is complete.

Communication skills are nothing but effective communication which signifies that the content and purpose of the idea have been communicated in a good manner. But besides this, there are other elements that enter into effective communication which are:

a) Being meaningful while communication, taking care of the overtones as well as the basic contents of the message.

b) To take the opportunity, as and when it arises, in conveying something of help and value to the receiver.

c) The total physical and human setting in which one communicates.

d) To seek not only to be understood but, what is even more important is that one also understands what the other participants are saying. That is to be a good listener.


7)    COOPERATION SKILL:  Skills getting success in group discussion.

skills getting success in group discussion

skills getting success in group discussion

a) A cooperative attitude always helps a candidate in avoiding unhealthy conflict. Conflict, if healthy, however, should not be avoided. It helps to look at a problem from different angles and come up with alternatives.

b) You have the right to disagree and state reasons for your disagreement, but you should not be disagreeable. A good support invariably results in a good relationship with others, and eventually, it brings success.

c) Rapport building starts from the very first steps by exchanging pleasantries and sharing experience with others as well as expressing compliments and gratitude.

d) Remember if you respect the other person’s view for the energy and effort of expressing his ideas, then you will also be reciprocated in the same manner and are bound to win the other person’s confidence and regards.

e) One should always try to be helpful, accommodative and encouraging in order to be popular in a group. Sometimes, good manners can open doors, which the best of education cannot.


These are the Top 7 skills getting success in Group Discussion, If will learn these skills he/she would easily able to crack any type of Group Discussion for any particular sector or industry. So be prepared for this and do practice in your academics, with your friend groups or in your personality development classes.


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