5 Things to Remember Before Job Interview

By | May 1, 2017
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5 Important Things to Remember Before Job Interview

In this article, we will discuss some very important things to remember before job interview that helps any candidate in  self-evaluation of the performance in the interview and determining the chances of selection in the Job Interview.


things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview


Below are some things to remember before job interview, which should be followed by every candidate who really wants to clear personal Interview and take entry in the Industry.


1) Job Interview needs special attention?

Every candidate may have a question in their mind that the interview they are facing really matters for them? And is it possible to judge anybody’s personality, skills and dedication towards the profession in just a few minutes of interaction? All these kinds of questions are very important for any candidate who is going to appear for any job interview.


2)    Do You think “First Impression is the Last impression”

things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview

“First impression is the last impression’.We already have heard this quote many times in our daily life, almost on every such occasions. Even when the matter comes to a job interview the relevance of this quote becomes very high. Although it is not completely true, in a way, as not every talented and deserving candidate able to deliver his/her best performance only in the first interaction.

Hence, in this case, the value of this famous quote may not prove totally correct. Thus, on the basis of the above discussion, we can conclude that first impression may be the last impression.

Now coming back to our main discussion, in the job interviews the first impression matters a lot in the personality test and the best way to ensure it is by paying more attention to these two important things:

  • Dressing Sense
  • Remove nervousness by showing gratitude to the board members conducting the interview that shows your confidence level.


3)    Be Calm and Positive:

After this, the next important things to remember before job interview is to control over nerves for the next 5 minutes and replace that nervousness by quick thinking and showing a positive attitude in front of them.


4)    Give your answer, only if you know Correctly:

things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview

a) Give your answer very confidently, but in case if you do not know the correct answer to any question asked in the interview then it is better to say ‘No’ rather giving false answer, this is also a form of positive attitude which is always a plus point for you which also make the interviewer feel that the person is honest on his/her work.

b) Going opposite of this , if you try to give answer to every question without being fully sure about them, it will really reflect a negative impact in the eyes of the interviewer because they think you are simply trying to make them confuse with your incorrect answers and thus your chances of disqualifying from the interview increase.


5)  Is casual approach during the interview affects performance?

things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview

However, not having knowledge about some topics is probably being not a big mistake but being casual in your approach may also prove you costly.

Let us Understand the important things to remember before job interview with the help of an Interview session:

Consider the whole interview process with the help of an interview session.

Akshay is a candidate whose currently approaching a Interview and let see how he made his preparation and present himself during the job interview:

1)    Akshay is dressed well in the interview but he also wearing a blazer in this warm weather which seems a bit over appearance and it is noted by the interviewer.

2)    He looks a little nervous and had to face some uneasy moments in the beginning of the interview. But later he manages to recover his nervousness and tried to his best in the further part of the interview.

3)    In the end, he finished his interview (which gone through lots of difficult moments meanwhile) quite well by giving well-reasoned answers.

The whole discussion takes you to the conclusion which make you aware about some very important ‘things to remember before job interview.’

If you look again at the whole interview session, the candidate Akshay had gone through some positive, as well as Negative aspects in the interview session which may or may not, leads to his success or failure in the interview phase.


Positive points:

things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview

a) The candidate had a fair knowledge about his hometown which definitely goes in his favor.

b) The candidate was aware of the current issues happening around the world. His answer related to the current chief justice of India, Speaker of Loksabha and GST bill declared to date, reflected his familiarity with the current issues which also goes in his favor.

c) The candidate did not try to make the interviewer confuse when he did not know the correct answer. Inspite of that, he politely excused himself for not knowing the correct answer.

d) The candidate shows his dedication and requirement for the job both, by giving a logical answer, when asked to choose between Money and Designation.

e) He showed himself as a responsible citizen of the Nation and is responsible towards his fellow citizens by mentioning India struggle with improvements in the social evils like poverty, illiteracy etc and suggested some fair measures which should be taken by the individual along with the government for the improvements.

d) He also mentioned that the “Clean India Campaign” should be followed by every citizen of India.

e) His answers to the questions related to NGO are balanced and he showed a practical approach to solve any problem related to people and society.

f) Akshay is not sure about current GDP growth of the country but he still made an attempt with a disclaimer. It shows:

  • The presence of mind of the candidate.
  • Urge to leaves a good impression on the interviewer.


Negative points:

things to remember before job interview

things to remember before job interview

a) Akshay committed a mistake while greeting the board members as the general etiquettes to follow is to greet lady member first and then greet all the other members jointly. He failed to show this etiquette in the interview room.

b) The blazer worn by Akshay did not go at all with the warm weather and he tied himself into knots trying to justify wearing a blazer on a warm day.

c) When asked about his personality, he replied very confidently that he is an optimist. This would not have gone against him if he would have avoided stating that he is totally optimistic and never looks at the negative aspects of things. It is natural to have an inclination towards positive or negative viewpoints in life, but it cannot be segregated in watertight compartments like he did.

d) As a result, he had to change his stance and agree with the board which showed that anyone can change his opinion. It is always better to not take a rigid stance during the interview and take a balanced view as far as possible.

e) He changed his viewpoints on several occasions during the interview which shows he is not confident about himself and shows a poor understanding of the questions asked to him.

f) The board notices that Akshay used to say sorry after every incorrect view which really puts a bad impression on the board members. However, it is fair to be apologetic if a mistake is made but if a mistake is committed again and again and saying sorry is not considerable at all in the job interviews. (Reference: Drishti Magazine/April 2017/175)



On the whole, Akshay’s interview was below Average. He should avoid nervousness during the interview and feel confident about his answers. It is obvious to feel anxiety but it should not overpower you as in that situation one will make much more mistakes out of pressure.

These are some very important “things to remember before job interview” which should be kept in mind by every candidate before going for the interview aiming to clear it.



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