Top 5 Time and Stress Management Techniques

By | April 25, 2017
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Top 5 Time and Stress Management Techniques

We will discuss the Top 5 time and stress management techniques mainly for the preparation of civil services exams or any other big competitive exam.

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

Time and stress are interrelated with each other. Mismanagement of time results in stress and it may cause more time mismanagement.

Hence, this circle becomes very annoying for the students who are preparing for civil services or any other competition exam.

However, time and stress management is a long term process and it should be taken very carefully by identifying its root causes in spite of addressing its outer symptoms.

All the tough competition exams put considerable stress on aspirants and this unwanted stress largely affects their performances is all the stages of the examination.

In this article, we will discuss the”Top 5 time and stress management techniques” for the students to tackle all the exams in a better way.

To manage stress for a proper time management, we need to first identify the two very important factors:

  • The different sources of stress
  • The different reasons for time management

Here are the top 5 time and stress management techniques for the aspirants facing big competition exam:


1)    Find sources of stress:

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

a) The primary source of stress is to deal with exam syllabus. Most of the aspirants find themselves lost in the vast syllabus of the exam.

b) They find themselves under confident and confused whether they will be able to cover the entire syllabus within the available time or not.

c) It becomes difficult for the aspirants suffering from this kind of stress to even think about starting the preparation. So


we can find the three sources of stress here:

a) Lack of clarity regarding the syllabus.

b) Aspirants also find it difficult to evaluate the right sources for covering important topics of the syllabus to crack the exam.

c) Aspirants get confused when there are multiple books on the same topic, the presence of different websites and various magazines that result in overload information in the head of the students that ultimately produce lots of stress.


So it is very important to find a proper way to clear all the confusion on what to prepare and from where, which would help students to tackle civil services or any big entrance exams.


2) Find Reasons For Time Mismanagement

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

a) The primary reason for time mismanagement is the urge of the students to cover the full syllabus.

b) Most of the aspirants want to complete the full syllabus only to realize later that many topics are simply too vast or very few questions if any are being asked from some topics.

c) In this effort, a lot of time is simply wasted because these topics needed to be covered differently and the time saved on its coverage should have been used profitable in covering other areas of the syllabus.

d) So, this is what the main reason of time mismanagement of not having a clear idea about the division of time according to the priority and relevance of the syllabus.

e) So, select limited sources for the preparation if the syllabus is vast and this is only the smart way to tackle this time management issue that really helps you to clear any big entrance exam.

(Reference: Drishti Magazine/April 2017/pg no-7)


3) Best Time and Stress Management Techniques

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

As already discussed, the time and stress are correlated so you must focus on both simultaneously.

The following three important truths that should be kept in mind regarding the syllabus of the civil services exam that will easily remove time and stress in your preparation:

1)    The dynamic Nature of the Syllabus must be acknowledged. Topics in the syllabus cannot be studied in isolation, there has to be a connection with real world developments.

It means that almost every topic in the syllabus is connected to current affairs.

Thus, there can be two kinds of questions:

a) One that checks conceptual clarity or memory for important concepts, dates, events etc

b) One that checks the student’s awareness of the world around him.

In short, when you are preparing for civil services exam, current affairs should be your guide when covering various topics of the syllabus.


2)    Divide the syllabus that has to be covered helps you in the smart study. The traditional method for covering the entire syllabus should be replaced with a smarter method because the civil services exam has the dynamic nature. A smart method of the study also optimizes time among other things.


4) Methods for Time Management

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

Time management for Civil Services Exam preparation requires three steps:

Goal setting:  Set time bound goals and once the goal is set you should not back out of it until you have reached the goal.

Planning: Famous quote by Antoine de Saint ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’.  So planning plays a very important role in achieving the goal. It takes a year for an aspirant for making a plan to achieve the desired goals.

Pre- Mains and Personality test, all the phases require a different strategy. Unless an aspirant is focused on what each stage demands, he would not feel confident of clearing that particular stage.

Daily scheduling: It is important for an aspirant to schedule his/her plan daily or at least once a week. This will help you to cater the routine for 24 hours.

This is probably not wasting our time but if we are to achieve our goals then we must sacrifice some of our works that we like to do.

(Reference: Drishti Magazine/April 2017/pg no-7)


5) What are the correct tips and tricks for time and stress management?

Below are some of the simple and short important tips that can help in both time saving and stress management:

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques


a) Make proper utilization of 24 hours available to all of us.

b) How good you made proper use of time decides the performance of your exam.

c) A consistent, disciplined and smart study of 5-7 hours every day for at least 1 year will definitely help you in clearing your exam.

d) You will consequently meet with lots of distraction during your preparation which is a natural fact but how soon you can get back on track makes you consistent and keep you focused on your performance.

e) It is good if you maintain yourself idol when studying and isolate yourself from any interruption like friends or relatives visit and also keeping yourself away from mobile phones and false use of internet like things.

f) The easiest way to avoid stress is to try and make-up for the lost hours as best and as you can.



a) Learn from other people about how they are following time and stress management techniques.

b) Most of us are fighting stress and managing time. Some people do it very efficiently and in a better way but some cost them unnecessary wastage of time and build stress.

c) We all have different plans for our preparation and we are consistently taking actions to get through our struggles with time and stress and fortunately some of these plans and actions may even work for you.

d) You should try and learn from others, that how they are managing time and stress in their preparation.

e) Most of us a common action and that people waste lots of time in entertainment like watching TV, playing with phones and computers.

f) You should use your willpower to not waste your valuable time on the things but use these sources diligently for study purpose only.

g) Most of us are confused, some of us feel fear for getting fail I our efforts, some are distracted with jobs or academic courses and some of us are simply lacking self-confidence.

h) The only way to overcome these difficulties is to start the preparation process immediately once you are clear in your mind about your goal.

i) As we progress with our preparation these difficulties should generally teach us great lessons and at the same time remove our confusion and increase our self-confidence.



Taking care of your health

time and stress management techniques

time and stress management techniques

a) Stress may induce severe physiological and psychological symptoms like Insomnia, migraine, high blood pressure for many people and some suffers from episodes of depression.

b) Hence, the whole preparing for the competition exam takes good care of your health, because

“ A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body”.

  • Eat good healthy food
  • Sleep well and exercise
  • Take a walk
  • Practice yoga
  • Play your favorite sports.

Also, it is very important to make habit of sleeping and waking up in the morning at a particular time. Healthy people are less prone to stress and are also more productive with their time.

(Reference: Drishti Magazine/April 2017/pg no-7)


All the above discussion will really help every candidate who is preparing seriously for civil services exam to manage time and stress in a better way throughout their preparation. On the whole, if we point out some real ‘time and stress management techniques’ from the above article, the last few points about the health plays an important role.



It the Article is helpful for you then please share your valuable opinion about this article in the comment section below and help us to improve our work in the next articles.

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